Schools Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS for schools is  faster way to alert and notify students, teachers, parents and guardians in a quick hassle free communication.

Send bulk SMS or text messages to teachers for meetings, parents and guardians for results in a quick, easy and hassle free while saving yourself hours of time and bags of cash.

It’s easier to send school reports cards and fee balances to parents through our Bulk SMS for school or personalized school bulk sms.

Schools/ Colleges/ University Bulk SMS helps schools do bulk SMS messaging but also lets them send report cards and fee balance notifications to parents via SMS.

Why Schools Bulk SMS

  • Inform Parents and Guardians about school closure.
  • Meeting Invitations
  • sending fee balances
  • To increase parent involvement in their child’s education
  • To increase communication between schools and parents
  • To send quick messages for fee related notification
  • To Send Monthly/Yearly test/Exam results

The bulk SMS for Schools provides a one-text-to-many service called school Bulk SMS. Our bulk sms for schools  service is tailor made for schools to easily communicate with students, parents, P.T.A members, BoM members, teachers and members of non-teaching staff and the general public. If you want to send sms from school to parents, have parent alert system via sms, implement text messaging service for schools, sms to parents from schools, sample sms to parents from schools, school fees reminder note via sms, sms to parents to pay school fees, school fee due notice we will offer you at cheapest cost with this product for school SMS service or school text messging service.

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