Branded Bulk SMS

You can send Branded SMS using your Company/Sender Name/Alphanumeric ID. Branded & Corporate SMS are suitable.Providing Brand Name SMS Marketing solution in Nairobi, Kenya.

Branded SMS in Kenya

Branded SMS as the name suggests, Branded SMS in Kenya Solution is a type of bulk SMS Marketing Campaign that contain the brand name or company name to ensure legitimacy and to increase the credibility of your business message, like People will trust more on message if they receive with brand name as MOVETECH with relevant message. Following features are part of Branded SMS Campaign. We provides Access on all Mobile Networks of Kenya . You need to focus on your content, and leave rest of procedure on us to deliver your Message to huge crowd.

bulk SMS API Integration with Software allows you to get alerts relating to your business, i.e. you can get an SMS Alert when any employee will mark attendance or close the Outlet or Business Branch.

Bulk SMS You can send your Business Message to as many people as you required, what you need is simply tell us your requirements and about your targeted audience, we have successfully handled various bulk SMS Marketing Campaigns with positive and fruitful results.

User Friendly Campaign Management Tool allows you to set your own requirements with your own choice, i.e. you will be provided by access to set your campaign and to send as many SMS Messages as you require. This is a premium service which allows you to achieve your marketing goals with your own strategy, planning, targeted audience, customers, clients, vendor, employees or to achieve any other business target. You have to Purchase Business SMS Packages according to your requirement and you can easily run your Business SMS Marketing Campaign.

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Purpose of Sending Branded SMS:

Branded SMS are considered to be the best SMS for corporate sector as Branded SMS increase the trust on content and what you are saying to people. Branded SMS marks the messages with your Organization name, Business Product or any name which suits you best and this approach increase the trust level of people on SMS delivered and thus people response with better approach and more likely to do some business transactions.

Branded SMS for Industries:

Branded SMS or Corporate SMS messages are beneficial for almost every sector including Wholesaler, Retailers, Real Estate, IT Firms, Hospitals, Hardware Manufacturers, and Educational Institutes etc. Branded SMS shows better response from targeted audience regardless of the fact that you are Sole Proprietor, Partnership Business or Public Limited Company. We are the cheapest provider of company branded bulk sms system in nairobi kenya nairobi, kenya

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