B2C M-Pesa Integration

mpesa b2c api integrationB2C or M-Pesa Business to Customer M-Pesa transactions occurs when Companies/Organizations/Institutions are sending out Payments to Customers. Our M-Pesa B2C integration enables companies to send money to end users online or in another application or automated system. After the automated system send payments you will get all the C2B reports of your transaction status on your application. B2C mpesa integration to website is provided by our developers PHP, Java, Android, .net, C#

Here is a guide on how to integrate mpesa to your website

C2B M-Pesa Integration

mpesa c2b api integrationM-Pesa C2B or M-Pesa Customer to Business transaction occurs when a client uses the Lipa Na M-Pesa functionality on their M-Pesa menu to make payments companies/institutions. Our work is to develop or customize your apllication in order to process those payments live on your system. You will also get payment status p,us reports on your system instantly. We can guide on how to Develop Mpesa Integration to Website Using Safaricom C2B. with Move SMS learn how to integrate mpesa to website in php and android tutorial.

Simple guide on safaricom mpesa api integration

B2B Mpesa Integration

mpesa b2b api integration

B2B Mpesa or Business to Business M-Pesa transactions occurs when paying from one Paybill to another or to Bulk Payment Number. When a company need to pay another company through M-Pesa the system is enable to do that. We integrate M-Pesa B2B to enable these nature of transactions and you receive the final transaction status in your application. You can easily foolow mpesa api tutorial, mpesa integration to website, mpesa b2b integration

Simple guide on how to integrate the lipa na mpesa to any web application

Lipa na M-Pesa Online Payment API

Lipa na M-Pesa Online Payment API is used to initiate a M-Pesa transaction on behalf of a customer using STK Push. This is the same technique mySafaricom App uses whenever the app is used to make payments. whether its mpesa php integrationor Mpesa integration android, we can do mpesa integration to website.

You can integrate any application using lipa na mpesa online api or just following the online mpesa api tutorial here https://www.movesms.co.ke/mpesa-g2-api-integration-c2b-b2c-b2b-online-checkout/

lipa na mpesa website integration

Many people have faced the problem of integrating their website with Mpesa via Safaricom Mpesa API. With our developers you will be able to integrate your website with mpesa API and receive orders online. You can easily follow mpesa api tutorial on how lipa na mpesa website integration works.

We have managed to integrate and build many modules with Mpesa API not limited to WHMCS Mpesa API module, wordpress Mpesa Module, woocommerce Mpesa module, kopokopo woocomerce wordpress plugin, Shopify Mpesa Module, Joomla Mpesa Module.

We can help develpers integrate the web application with the Mpesa API or offer a service of Mpesa APi integration to a web end user client. Apart from offering C2b, B2C and B2B we also offer lipa na mpesa website integration where the Lipa na Mpesa API is available online. Also we do offer SKTpush Mpesa API integration. We can guide on lipa na mpesa online api. Guide on how to integrate b2c and c2b mpesa on my app

Tutorial on online mpesa integration

M-Pesa Mobile Payment for WooCommerce

Kopokopo woocommerce Mpesa plugin is WooCommerce Lipa Na MPESA Payment Gateway. nice friendly WordPress plugin that adds “Lipa na MPESA” (see kopokopo.com) as a payment gateway to WooCommerce. This m-pesa mobile payment for woocommerce used widely in East Africa, Kenya.

lipa na mpesa website integration requires Mpesa API tutorial and guide. We provide many Mpesa Integration clients with our Mpesa integration code to help them integrate their systems and websites with Mpesa. We have ready mpesa integration in php. mpesa api android, mpesa api github, mpesa b2c api, mpesa api python, mpesa integration to website, mpesa integration in php, mpesa api c#, mpesa rest api.

Let us know if we can guide on lipa na mpesa online api, or give you mpesa integration tutorial or even give you mpesa integration examples of mpesa integration to website. We can provide you with mpesa api tutorial, either mpesa c2b integration api tutorial, mpesa B2c inegration online tutorial api, mpesa api php, mpesa b2c api.

If you would like your client to receive SMS once they pay for goods and services with Lipa na Mpesa Till number or Paybill number then we will helpyou integrate Mpesa Till number or Mpesa Paybill number in order to send SMS upon every MPesa transaction

If you order bulk SMS with us we will integrate website to Mpesa for free. The Mpesa integration to website will be done so that you can receive SMS when you get a Mpesa transaction. We will go miles for you to see Lipa na Mpesa integration works well.

Our Mpesa integration to website is well explained in our Mpesa integration in php for C2B. You can follow it if you dont want us to do the Mpesa integration.

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