Personalized text messaging or personalized.

Our web based Bulk SMS system or Our Bulk SMS software allows you to send fully personalized SMS messages so that you can address your clients or customers directly and appeal to them on the personal level.

Personalising your bulk text messages allows you to send bulk SMS text messages with unique information for each contact in your excel upload, marketing list, database.

You can create a single personalised message to all of your contacts by selecting relevant customisable information. This means that you can add the recipients first name, surname, accountb balance, account number, loan amount, meeting time, race number etc to the same message and the information relevant to that recipient will be inserted into the message.

For example: A loan company has information of loan members, phone numbers, account balance, loan type, due date may need to send relevant information to all customers, but they need to personalise it according to loan amount, due date and name.

personalized bulk sms

send personalized bulk sms text messagingOur bulk sms software provides phonebook contacts Management capabilities, making it easy for you to build detailed consumer profiles for your contacts and send personalized text messages.

You can then use this information to personalize your bulk SMS, so that “Dear ${name}” is automatically transformed by the system to “Dear Eliud” for the contact named Eliud Wanjiku, and “Dear Anne” for the contact named Anne Wadore, when your personalized SMS is sent out.


Send personalized mass texts/messages

Personalized text messages are just one of the examples though, and your imagination is the limit to what sort of personalized information you can include in your messages to your contacts group / audience.


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