Bulk Sms WordPress Plugin

Bulk Sms WordPress Plugin

Bulk Sms WordPress Plugin is used to send bulk SMS from wordpress to recipients. With our sms gateway integration in wordpress, we created this wordpress sms plugin connectiing it with sms API so that you can send bulk sms easily and automatically through wordpress.

If you are looking for a way to send bulk SMS from your WordPress website, we have reliable and best SMS plugin called MoveSMS bulk SMS WordPress that uses MoveSMS as a gateway to deliver your bulk SMS. With this wordpress sms plugin you can save and automate your wordpress wordpress to alert subscibers about registrations and articles or posts.

SMS Werification WordPress Plugin

The bulk sms wordpress plugin is so easy to install and use as itused to verify users registering on your website.

Some Features of the bulk SMS wordpress plugin
Free to download

You can download the wordpress SMS plugin for free at our website

Automatic Bulk SMS Alerts

Automatically send SMS users who have registered on website

Order Status Notification

Automatically send SMS to customers once their order status changes.

Send Custom Alerts

Send SMS to the customer directly from the order details page.

Easy & Effective

Easy to use. One-time configuration.

Download the WordPress API bulk SMS plugin here


  • March 21, 2022

    I need help in wordpress bulk custom sms plugin. Kindly contact me on +254750244244.


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