SMS Payment and Billing Solutions

Improve on-time payments, reduce costs, and automate payment systems

A text message costs just pennies to send, but it can save you thousands in accounting and collection costs. Instantly let customers know when an invoice is ready. Send convenient payment reminders the day before their bill is due. And use payment confirmations to let them know how much you appreciate their business.

With Movetech Bulk SMS SMS payment solutions, you can automate the entire process to reduce your accounting and collection costs. Our Web SMS platform puts powerful capabilities at your fingertips, making it easy to personalize your messages with account details to increase convenience and conversions. Custom templates, flexible delivery options, and comprehensive analytics are just a few of the reasons customers choose Movetech Bulk SMS to deliver their most important messages.

Looking for more automation—and cost savings? Use our SMS APIs to integrate text messaging into your CRM or billing system. We offer the developer tools you need to quickly build robust applications using your favorite languages, so you can start enjoying the benefits of SMS payment services sooner.

Advantages of an SMS Billing System

  • Bulk SMS is a fraction of the cost of mail and phone calls
  • Text messages boast a five times higher open rate than email—90% of all SMS are read within 3 minutes
  • Instantly notify customers when an invoice is ready for payment or overdue
  • Send a 24-hour sms reminder to reinforce the urgency of the due date
  • Embed a link to your payment site to simplify payment
  • Send convenient payment confirmations, notices of service changes, or credit limit alerts to increase customer satisfaction
  • Utilize our SMS CRM Integration or billing software to automate the entire process for maximum cost savings

Key Features for SMS Payment Systems

Bulk SMS.

Whether you need to send a single message or thousands, you’ll enjoy greater economies of scale from buying text messages in bulk.
Dedicated numbers. Using one number to communicate with customers everywhere allows you to build an SMS presence as recognizable as your web domain.

Short codes.

Half the length of normal phone numbers, short codes are fast, convenient, and easy to remember.

Text to voice.

Cell phone? Landline? No problem. Text to voice automatically converts SMS messages into voice, so your payment reminder always gets through.

Delivery reports.

You’ll never be left guessing whether your customer received your message. Real-time delivery reports show exactly when each message is received.

Reporting and analytics.

See what worked and when, slice the data anyway you want, and serve it up in pie charts or graphs. It’s easy with MessageMedia’s web-based analytics dashboard.

Talk to one of our SMS experts today to learn how Movetech Bulk SMS – can help you deploy an SMS payment system.

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