Bulk SMS Uganda

Bulk SMS Uganda

We are the best suppliers of Bulk SMS in Uganda, coupled with free SMS API. Send bulk SMS messages in Kampala. We provide Wholesale SMS prices with a fast & reliable service in Uganda.

Message scheduling in Uganda.

You can now schedule bulk SMS in Uganda. Any month. Any week. Any date. Any time. With bulk SMS scheduling you can schedule all of your Kampla bulk SMS messages – send bulk alerts, appointment reminders, marketing SMS, sms for promotions, Birthday messages, greetings and notifications, in advance to ensure that bulk sms messages are sent at a specific date and time. Bulk SMS scheduling is best for bulk SMS messages that need to be sent outside of working hours.

Upload Contacts in Bulk SMS portal

You can upload your contacts in the bulk SMS portal, create message list and address book.

Free Bulk SMS API

In Uganda we provide bulk SMS API for free. Whether you want to integrate the bulk SMS with your website or application then our SMS API in Uganda is free to use.

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